Sports Medal Display- Kudos

£ 35.95

This stainless steel medal display highlights your Kudos with up to 36 medals. Celebrate your Kudos, segments, leader boards with the classic Strava ‘thumbs up’.

All of your races deserve Kudos & this medal hanger from The Runners Wall allows you display them with pride.


This stainless steel medal display allows you to celebrate your Kudos with a big thumbs up. When you have finished training or racing, glowing with pride, you upload your results to Strava. How else would you get any Kudos?

This is the social network for athletes. This is the platform for you to share your achievements.

Your Kudos medal hanger reminds you that if it isn’t on Strava then it didn’t happen. You track your runs, measure your segments, follow the leader boards.

You compare yourself to yourself, with your Strava followers & friends and with strangers from London to Los Angeles.

Your Kudos medal display is your permanent reminder of your competitive drive. Of your desire to compete & share results with a community of likeminded people.

Strava, from the Swedish ‘to strive’. And make no mistake, you strive for your results and your medals. You are an athlete and you deserve your Kudos.

Your success is bigger than just you. It spreads across the world. It’s All About The Kudos



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