Karate Belt Display10 Belt Capacity

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You now have the ultimate stainless steel karate belt display.

This karate belt hanger allows you to display your complete journey from white to black belt. Display up 10 karate belts, from the separate ‘belt planks’.

This unique belt display starts with the header of the intricately cut wording ‘Karate’ alongside 2 figures and then 5 belt planks allowing you to hang your first 5 belts.

The second section of the display can be hung either directly beneath, or next to the first and has 5 more belt planks for the rest of your belts.

Each of the two 5 belt displays are cut as one solid piece. As a result, each belt can be attached with the included corresponding colored ribbons which ensures a slick, seamless & stylised effect.

As you progress with your karate you simply add your belts to the display. While even as they are empty, the brushed stainless steel planks provide a smart and sleek design to your wall.

So, celebrate and display your progress through the Karate belt system using this unique and stylish wall art.


✅Karate headed belt display measures 330 x 350 x 2mm, this belt display will hang 5 belts
✅Non-headed belt display measures 330 x 250 x 2mm, this belt display will hang 5 belts
✅Each belt plank is 40mm in height
✅FREE UK shipping & speedy worldwide delivery
✅Made from precision laser cut, brushed stainless steel.
✅Supplied with all mounting fixings & easy installation instructions. Nylon spacers are included to keep your display spaced away from the wall for ease of use, visual appeal & to protect your wall.
✅Coloured ribbons included for you to fix your belts to the display.
✅Made, designed and shipped from the UK this display will be a stylish addition to your wall décor.
✅Order with absolute confidence. We know that you will love your new belt display and we aim to provide high levels of customer satisfaction every time.
✅This karate belt display hanger is the perfect gift for all Karate students to hang their belts and display their progress.

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