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Mums medal display hanger

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Every Mum deserves a medal and this is the ideal medal display hanger for him. Whether he runs, swims, bikes, tri’s or is just an overall champion with medals to hang- this is the perfect medal display holder for your Mum.

Give her a medal display hanger that she deserves and let your Mum show off all of her achievements as a constant reminder of how great she is!


  • Made in & shipped from the UK.
  • Made from laser cut brushed stainless steel.
  • 330 x 130 x 2mm.
  • Holds 30-36 medals depending on ribbon width.
  • Supplied with installation instructions, nylon wall spacers, wall plugs and mounting screws.
  • Nylon spacers allow for a gap between your display and the wall for ease of use and visual appeal.
  • The perfect gift for your Mum for any occasion.


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